Video game tattoos are a very common theme among people my age… Unlike those who spent their young adult lives fighting battles in the military, we spent ours playing video games as a hobby. And since we grew up with them all our lives, they can often have deep personal meaning to us.

When it comes to video game tattoos, most people take the ‘easy route’ and just get the subject tattooed onto them. There is nothing wrong with this, but as an admirer, it gets a bit stale after a while.

That’s why I took the time to scour all of the internets to bring you this list of 9 unique video game tattoos. These ones take the original subject, and twist it to suit their personal style or preference. It makes for much more inspired and interesting art to look at, so check them out!

01) Art Brut Tri-Force Tattoo
Needlefak Tattooing, Hamburg Germany

The Art Brut style is big in Europe, and this can be identified as a European tattoo immediately. It stands out from the millions of other Tri-Force tattoos because of this. While I personally would probably not get this style, it is definitely an interesting image.

02) Zombie Sonic Tattoo
James Dean Pruitt – Alliance Tattoo Lounge, Yuma AZ

Zombie tattoos are a new school style that take a ‘normal’ subject and zombify them into something unique and interesting. This isn’t the first zombie video game tattoo I’ve seen, but it’s a cool one (and fitting since there hasn’t been a good Sonic game in… how long?)

03) Joker from Arkham Asylum Tattoo
Scott Marshall – Vanity Tattoo in Roselle, IL

Just as video games are a popular subject, comic book tattoos – Joker in particular – is also very popular. This one stands out because it is based on the depictions of Joker from Arkham Asylum in particular. Very cool!

04) Mario Piranha Plant Chest Piece
Elize Casarjian – Empire Tattoo in Somerville, Mass

Women, the best way to win your way into a man’s heart is to get a chest piece tattoo, believe me! This cover up takes one of the less prominent elements from the Mario world, and blends it with a common old tattoo subject to make a very cool piece.

05) Zelda Sleeve Tattoo
Sean Wilcox – Iron Heart Tattoo, Des Moines IA

Possibly the second most common video game tattoo subject after Mario, this tattoo does a good job of resisting the urge to use the most common elements from the game (heart pieces, link holding a sword, triforce, etc) and it makes for a very interesting and colourful sleeve.

06) Mario Brahma Tattoo

Another example of mixing old and new – new being the video game theme, and old being the Hindu god Brahma theme.

07) Old School Soul Calibur Hilde Tattoo
Phill Bartell – Rising Tide Tattoo, Boulder, CO

So far you have probably seen a 1,000,006 video game tattoos, but how many of theme incorporated old school tattoo style into them? Not many, but this one does a great job of it!

08) Virgin Mary Boba Fett Tattoo

OK so it’s not strictly a video game tattoo, but Boba Fett has been in plenty of video games, so I’ll count it. Besides, how can you pass up the opportunity to enjoy this awesome combination of geek culture and kitschy religious imagery? Just too awesome.

09) Epic Video Game Tattoo Sleeve
Hoffa – Ascension Custom Dermagraphics, Orlando, FL

Although the style uses basic “stock” imagery, the technique is spot on, and with so many different themes used together it makes for an interesting piece. There is a LOT more to see, and it is actually still in progress, so you should check out his blog for more pictures and details.