I have been noticing a trend lately, and I like it. The image of beauty in women seems to be shifting away from the 90′s trend of skinny, fragile looking pale girls (which in reality leads to girls ending up looking “skinnyfat”), and moving towards powerful, athletic women. As someone who enjoys training and has always been into athletic girls, I am definitely enjoying this trend! Girls who formerly would have been starving themselves with stupid vegan diets are now able to enjoy life as we all should, and reap the benefits of eating big and lifting strong. It makes them much more fun to be around, believe me!

The following is a gathering of 09 hot crossfit women, but keep in mind that these are not exploitative shots of greased up fitness models. The goal of this list is to show women at their best form in terms of power, beauty, athleticism, and inspiration. When possible, credit is given, with links to their twitters or websites. Some of these girls could not be identified, so if you know who they are, please let me know in the comments!

01) Crossfit Girl Laura Plumley

Here’s Laura (aka Lozza) deadlifting 275 lbs, at around 130 lbs bodyweight. Unfortunately, I am unable to find a Twitter feed for her, so I guess she prefers privacy. There are a lot of interviews with her on Youtube though.

02) Crossfit Girl Christina Gloger

Christina is an assistant trainer at Long Island City Crossfit.

03) Crossfit Girl Annie Thorisdottir

Sometimes it’s nice enough just to admire these girls walking from one event to another. Annie is an Icelandic crossfitter, and she actually has a pretty big following already! You can follow her on twitter here.

04) Crossfit Girl One Arm Handstand

I couldn’t find out who this girl is, but that is an impressive and beautiful feat! Can you do a one-arm handstand?

05) Crossfit Girl Kylee Claxton

Kylee is a trainer at DynamixGym in Astoria, NY

06) Crossfit Girl Beer Keg Run!

LOVE this picture! Three of my favourite things in one – beauty, strength, and BEER! Unfortunately I couldn’t identify her either. If you know, post a comment!

07) Crossfit Girl Christmas Abbott

How’s this for a full package? Christmas can be found on Twitter here.

08) Crossfit Girl Jumping Rope

Unfortunately I have no idea who this is, but I wanted to add the picture because it shows great form – beautiful strong legs. Hot!

09) Crossfit Girl Julie Foucher

I thought I would finish up with an action shot of Julie Foucher doing a clean+jerk. Julie actually started her own blog, so you can catch up with her over there.