Warning: This is just a flamebait joke post. Don’t get all mad about it!

Believe it or not, the XBOX 360 has been around for almost seven years now, which is really stretching the length of a console cycle. Outdated compared to PC’s when it was released (DX9 capable graphics were becoming common back then), it has sold over 60 million consoles during that time.

Still, there are a lot of reasons why the XBOX 360 sucks. Here are 09 of them:

01) No Blu-Ray

This obviously wasn’t a big deal when the system was launched in 2005. In fact, back then, there were actually two HD formats vying for market share market monopoly.

It was so long ago that I can hardly remember, but XBOX 360 actually had an addon that allowed HD-DVD movies to be watched. USB 2.0 was enough to stream video and audio data, but not games, so once Blu-Ray won the format war, the device was thrown into the bargain bin and forgotten forever.

Today, Blu-Ray isn’t exactly a huge deal breaker, but it does have some advantages. First of all, you won’t need to swap discs to play games. Secondly, obviously if your console doesn’t play Blu-Ray movies, you’ll need to buy a player; a decent one is about $200 these days.

02) XBOX 360 is a Horrible Media Player

Technically, it supports plenty of video formats. Over time, it has received software updates that added formats such as MP4-AVC/H.264. But try playing videos with it, it is horrible!

The fact is, Microsoft barely had any plans for the XBOX 360 to be a media player, and it was built from the ground-up to not be able to store much data such as video and audio files, but rather to stream from other Windows devices. Unlike the PS3, which can play just about anything without transcoding (sometimes a format transfer is required), and can hold media in storage.

03) The Controller Sucks

Okay, I admit this is pretty subjective. But with a mushy crosspad and analog sticks that wear out way too easily, the controller leaves much to be desired. They have gone through several revisions. They eventually got the crosspad right with the “Special Edition Transforming d-Pad” controllers last year, but those are not included with the console, and I don’t know if you can even buy them anymore.

04) Storage is Stupidly Expensive

The big issue here is that Microsoft uses a proprietary format for their hard drives. This wouldn’t be such a big issue if all consoles came with decently sized storage, but they don’t. The lower-end console only has 4GB of storage built-in, and is expandable via memory stick only up to an arbitrary 16GB limit. If you want to add a hard drive, your choice is a 320GB drive for $129 from Microsoft, or get a third party 250GB drive for $100. By contrast, you can buy ANY 2.5″ SATA hard drive and install it in the PS3. A 320GB 5400 RPM drive is about $80 these days, thanks to the rising prices after flooding in Thailand. You could even install an SSD in your PS3 if you want significantly improved performance.

05) It is Region Locked

And that means no import gaming for you. If you are interested in whacky Japanese games, you pretty much need to buy a PS3.

06) Online is not Free

This has more to do with Sony being stupid than any major disadvantage, but there you go. On one hand, XBOX Live is significantly better than PSN (and we’ll talk about this when we get to our list of why the PS3 sucks, believe me). If you plan on buying an XBOX 360 to play online, consider that you HAVE to pay $50 a year to do so. This adds quite a bit to the overall cost; if you bought one in 2005 and have been paying for XBOX Live since then, your $400 XBOX 360 actually cost about $725 so far, and that’s not even taking interest into consideration. And that’s only if you were smart enough to plan ahead and buy one year at a time.

07) Power Supply Brick

This one probably isn’t too big of a deal, but if you move your console around at all, the brick will bite you in the ass, believe me. The PS3 is much more portable – all you need is the HDMI cable and any 2-prong power cable. With the XBOX 360, you will have to lug around the huge power brick as well.

08) XBOX 360′s Exclusives Aren’t Very Good

There are a few bright spots of course – Halo and Gears of War come to mind. But PS3 simply gets more – and better – exclusives from third parties as well as Sony themselves. Aside from the big shooters I just mentioned, what else is there? A lot of shovelware from Japan, and not much else. Meanwhile, you will find some very unique exclusive titles for the PS3, such as LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, Afrika, Dark Souls, DC Universe Online, Twisted Metal, God of War, and more.

09) RROD

This isn’t an issue at all these days, but I can just about guarantee that if you owned an XBOX 360 before 2010, you probably had one die on you. And there is a pretty good chance it happened more than once. For me, I got the RROD just 2 weeks after the warranty expired. Contacting Microsoft was useless, and I couldn’t fix it myself. So I was forced to buy a new one – just a few months before the even more improved Slim model was announced. I got burned, and you probably did too.